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Dr. Gardere makes regular appearances on news programs and talk shows to give his professional perspective on topical issues in the news. In addition he often lends his services as a mediator and counselor on TV shows. He has also appeared in numerous documentaries. To learn more about Dr. Gardere’s media appearances, see his bio.


Dr. Gardere is a prolific keynote speaker, lecturer, and group leader/facilitator who has worked with countless organizations to deliver exciting, informative, and interactive experiences. He delivers a wide range of engaging topics with the charismatic presenting style that has made him one of the most sought-after experts in the field of mental health and contemporary issues.

Dr. Gardere’s most popular speaking topics are listed below and he is always happy to customize his presentations upon request. (Click on the title of each topic to expand)

The Extraordinary Client

Successful therapeutic outcomes often depend on the quality of the relationship between the clinician and the client, but what if the client is considered difficult? These difficult clients can present themselves in many ways and behaviors such as anger, aggression, and grandiosity may be the most obvious challenges. Similarly, clients immersed in complacency, apathy, and learned helplessness also prove difficult for even the most experienced clinician.

As agents of change, it is the clinician’s duty to provide a standard of care that requires them to reframe the concept of difficult by identifying what is extraordinary. Dr. Gardere will describe how he embraces these extraordinary clients as opportunities to learn more about transference, countertransference, and professional growth. He will share proven clinical strategies that protect the therapist and the therapeutic relationship.

Dr. Gardere is known for his ability to deescalate difficult behaviors and explore extraordinary underlying vulnerabilities. He will explain his use of unconditional positive regard to address DSM-5 diagnoses and see past the usual distractions of difficult behaviors. By addressing the needs of the extraordinary client, clinicians will increase cooperation in therapy and promote better therapeutic outcomes.

Are You Fit To Serve?

Answering the call to serve is not something taken lightly and many who are new to public service do not realize its demanding responsibilities until after they have been elected. Choosing to serve your constituents not only takes a deeply ingrained passion but it is also an all-encompassing responsibility that can lead to severe stress in every aspect of personal and professional life. Unfortunately, this reality of public life is often discussed in hindsight rather than with careful forethought and preparation.

Through hands-on exercises and personal instruction, Dr. Gardere will help attendees learn to assess their own emotional, physical, and spiritual health as a means of increasing self-awareness. He will demonstrate realistic strategies for strengthening mind, body, and spirit with time-sensitive practicality and realistic goal setting. In these unpredictable times, a public servant must be prepared for success and challenge, support and isolation and everything in between

Dr. Gardere will discuss the challenges of being mentally and physically fit in office from a historical perspective. He will address the unique stressors of public service and confront them as realistic obstacles that can be overcome with the same dedication that motivates one to serve. Attendees will understand where they are on the continuum of mental health and learn strategies to manage the everyday challenges of life in public office.

The Unique Effects Of Mental Illness and Substance Use In the African American Community

In this powerful lecture, Dr. Gardere provides a historical perspective of the socioeconomic dynamics and political landscape that have uniquely impacted the mental health and safety of our African American communities. Decades of inadequate mental health treatment and chemical dependency services have led to widespread misconceptions and systemic malfeasance that can only be improved with facts and education.

Dr. Gardere will lead this dynamic learning experience that addresses the daily realities of victimization, social injustice, and the inordinate possibility of life threatening interactions with law enforcement. He will provide facts and figures that contradict the misinformation that has led to taboos and distorted the realities facing our African American communities. By illuminating these deficiencies and disparities, there is an increased potential for social improvements that are deserved by this marginalized and undervalued population.

The longer the racial disparities of mental health and substance use disorders remain unchallenged, the longer they will have a negatively disproportionate impact on basic human rights and equality. Dr. Gardere will confront these taboo subjects and create an atmosphere of understanding, empathy, and compassion. He will also explain evidenced based empowerment strategies that promote Black leadership and emphasize the need for improved services within the community.

Black and Blue America: Addressing the Relationship Between Law Enforcement and the African American Community

In this powerful and informative workshop, Dr. Gardere will provide his well-respected insights on the challenges that African Americans face daily.  He will address race and the socioeconomic realities that have created the ongoing disparities in medical treatment and mental health services for minorities. Through interactive exercises, he will help law enforcement professionals experience and develop a new level of culturally competent understanding that leads to increased safety in the field.

Dr. Gardere has developed this interactive experience by taking the innovative position of educator, peacemaker, and negotiator in this cutting-edge workshop. His experience and professional history includes being one of the first African-American chief psychologists for the Federal Bureau of Prisons where he played a key role in the hostage negotiations and de-escalation of the infamous Atlanta Prison Riots. In addition to this, Dr. Gardere is called upon daily by a wide variety of media services and online platforms that seek his knowledge and understanding on contemporary issues that often involve the African American community.

Dr. Gardere will share how he has developed a unique insight into the relationship between those that are disenfranchised and the racial and historical trauma that contributes to America’s ongoing social problems. He will help our law enforcement officers reconnect with their original oath to serve and protect by developing a strategy of empathy, compassion, and empowerment. This workshop is meant to reinforce the field skills of de-escalation, negotiation, and mental health training with the goal of increasing personal safety and enhancing the welfare of the communities they serve.

Host / MC / Announcer

Dr. Gardere is a dynamic host and master of ceremonies who is known for his energy, excitement, and humor that has captivated audiences of all sizes. He has hosted and emceed black tie events, award dinners, and wedding/commitment ceremonies as well as a wide variety of other celebratory events. Dr. Gardere is as engaging as he is entertaining!

Officiating Weddings

Dr. Gardere is an ordained interfaith minister. You can get him to officiate your wedding ceremony.

Voice Overs

In addition, Dr. Gardere is also a professionally trained voice over artist. He has provided his distinct voice for recorded announcements and radio commercials. Dr. Gardere has also narrated presentations used for medical information and education purposes. Here is a brief sample of his voice over work:

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