Group Therapy Services

The Relationship Rescue
with Dr. Jeff Gardere


Dynamic Group for Single Men & Women who Are:

  • Sick and tired of failed relationships or even no relationships?
  • Have been finding love in all the wrong places and with all the wrong people resulting in heartache and disappointment?
  • Have given up on finding a satisfying and stable relationship?

The relationship rescue group will:

  • Provide you a safe space to confidentially discuss your frustrations and emotional pain.
  • Help you examine some of the behavioral patterns that have placed you at risk for hurtful relationships or lack of relationships.
  • Share exciting and energetic empowerment strategies that will help you develop healthy friendships, and romance.


All participants will be screened and interviewed by Dr. Jeff through Skype or Facetime prior to joining the group. Participants who want to see Dr. Gardere one-on-one during or after the group series ends, will be given a 20% discount on his individual therapy fee. Groups will be co-ed and have no more than 8 members. Insurance reimbursement is possible. Groups begin in Feb 2020.

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