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Good Morning America: Facebook group helps black fathers shatter stereotypes, support each other as dads

Dr. Jeff appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America where he spoke about how black fathers are using Facebook groups to support each other with advice and encouragement, as they simultaneously work to shatter stereotypes and empower African-American communities across the country through “the brotherhood of fatherhood.” Click here to read the full...

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How to Increase Healthy Sleep and Reduce Stress

by Jeff Gardere, PhD Edited and Originally published in issue 186 – September 2011- Positive Health Online Recent studies show that millions of Americans are unable to achieve a good and restful sleep. Their chronic sleep issues often leave them feeling tired, frustrated and cranky. And that sure doesn’t make for a happy camper with the kids, at the office or with the hubby….yikes! People with chronic sleep disorders not only act whack (using the younger generation vernacular) but usually are out of whack on many physiological levels: According to a 2006 Institute of Medicine report, insufficient sleep affects...

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Dr. Jeff on The Sit Down with EmEz

Dr Jeff visited EmEz for The Sit Down and confirms that he is an actual Psychologist and not just a “TV Dr”. He talks about his time spent on TV shows like Love and Hip Hop and The Housewives of Atlanta. He also discusses his plans to reach out to the youth about their mental health, and...

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National Day of Healing

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams and Dr. Jeff Gardere invite you to join them in celebrating the second annual National Day of Healing.

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